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I am looking for an expert on a specific subject, what should I do?

To find an expert on a specific subject, please contact us via our contact form available on the site. We will then contact you to better define your needs.

You can also contact us directly by email by writing to the following address:

How does Hack Your Care support its customers?

Here are the main steps of our collaboration:

a) Define your need

b) Presentation of a detailed quotation

c) We suggest profiles corresponding to your needs.

d) Legal and administrative formalities

d) Start of the mission

What types of experts can I find on Hack Your Care?

You can find experts in a variety of health fields, including doctors, of all specialties, but also nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, nutritionists, physical therapists, and many more.

How does Hack Your Care select experts for missions?

When missions corresponding to your skills and preferences are available, you will receive an email from our teams. You can then apply for these missions, and if necessary, we will put you in touch with interested companies.

Still have questions?

Hack your care allows innovative companies and projects to meet qualified medical professionals.
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