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Why use Hack Your Care?

Hack Your Care is your catalyst in medical innovation.
We help you create the healthcare of tomorrow.
Our multi-step online solution allows you to seamlessly connect to healthcare professionals who have expertise tailored to your needs.

A better connection with health professionals

  • Connect to healthcare professionals directly.
  • Custom selected professionals who match your specified needs.
  • Experts verified by Hack Your Care.

Expand your access to expertise

Hack Your Care is a community of healthcare professionals from more than 20 medical and paramedical specialties (doctors, dentists, pharmacists, midwives, physiotherapists, nurses, etc).  Geographically, we have providers from around the world, (France, European Union, U.S., etc).  This diversity can offer perspectives from providers engaged in a variety of health systems.  Regardless of who and where they are, HYC participants are committed to improving your projects by applying their experience and expertise.

Benefit from the platform’s back office.

We will help you to manage the financial, administrative and follow-up aspects of your project.